Marie Renfro Marie Renfro


22" x 30"

Acrylic Collage on Paper

Marie painting in window of Neiman Marcus Dept. Store for  their 95th Anniversary

I use color, intuitive marks, rhythm, movement, and texture to manipulate space as a source for my personal search for order in a conflicting world.  With my artwork, I attempt to voice fears, celebrate awakenings and illuminate those contradictions that fill my field of vision.


The different textures, smooth and rough, of paper and canvas represent a contrast of misgivings and hopes, failures and victories, as well as roadblocks and deep abysses encountered in my life.  There is always a source of light or transparency shining into each work which represents hope for a better day.  The struggle for the organization of the painting speaks about survival and a reason for living.


My work is very personal and largely autobiographical.  I feel that all my paintings have a relationship to an experience in my life as I rely to a large extent on intuition.  Art is a definite way of knowledge or approach to truth.  I do not get an idea for an image and then paint it; rather, the painting reveals to me, in the same manner as dreams, imagery that usually remains buried in the subconscious.  Central ideas such as spaces that I create remind me of places I have been and themes of feminine forms as well as landscape themes persist and re-emerge as I work.  I trust my instincts and see my studio work as continuum of activity that is directed toward self-knowledge, awareness and inner growth.  My art allows me to integrate experience, gives me an arena for playful discovery and supplies an outlet for reverie and reverence.


My recent work is my way of expressing color, texture and shape.  It is not meant to represent any definable object.  In some cases you get a hint of subject but nothing totally spelled out for you.  My work in the past has been using only transparent colors with only the white of the paper or collaged papers to make tints of color.  In the last few years I have wanted to add more opaque paint to my paintings thereby achieving the contrast of transparent color to opaque color.  I have also loved using more painterly strokes and thicker paint.  I found that I was also missing drawing so I have incorporated more line into some of my pieces.  I am using charcoal and inks for that.  I use etchings, woodblock prints and mono-types to make my own collage material which makes the texture in my work very personal and different than anyone else.